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You deserve a marketing plan that is profitable and affordable – and we can help you build it! 

We create and run annual promotional campaigns for e-commerce businesses. We call this our 12 Month Marketing Playbook and we’d love to use this proven process to grow your business!

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Inconsistent marketing is costing you sales. Not knowing what to do about it is frustrating. Don’t worry, though, we work with qualified e-commerce and online businesses to elevate sales — almost immediately. 

Getting started is easy — schedule a call, tell us about you, and we’ll show you how a 12 Month Marketing Playbook can increase revenue in your business.

The 12 Month Marketing Playbook

A proven process designed to put your product in front of the right people and increase sales so you can bring your vision for your company to life.

Promotional Focus

Create your foundational content through a monthly theme that sets the tone for your marketing and communication strategy.

Monthly Sales

Set a plan that compliments your monthly focus while also increasing profits through offers and sales for current and new customers.

Lead Acquisition

Establish a customized, monthly lead generation strategy built to tell the right story about your online product to the right audience.

Relationship Building

Focus on and develop your current customers through engaging, valuable content that builds trust and compliments your monthly theme.

A Playbook Option That's Right For You

Our team will deliver a customized playbook that maps out a strategic plan of action for the next 12 months. Whether you want to learn how to do this on your own, need our team of experts to walk through the process with you, or are looking for a done-for-you option, we can help!

Learn more about our 3 tiers of involvement and find the right option for you!

Online store revenue has grown five years in a row and our ARR is 975% higher than it was before we started building with Blocks.

Steve Edwards, Owner/Operator

Queen Valley Mule Ranch

Growing 1150% With Marketing Blocks

Follow along with the journey of Steve Edwards. See exactly what steps The Blocks Agency helped with to transform his business and generate him more income than ever before.

The Start of Working with Steve

Creating a New Website and Branding

Building an Email List

Growing Social Media

Launching a Livestream Show


Increase of 1150X Annual Revenue from Online Sales


Will Our Blocks Work In Your Business?

Our best work is with clients who have four very basic criteria. If you are knowledgeable about what you do, passionate about the way you do it and have a proven solution sold online… we need to talk!


You have a proven product or service that customers eat up once they find you!


You have an e-commerce business or your leads and sales happen online.


Your team is passionate about connecting your solutions with the right customers.


You are knowledgeable about your products, services, and industry!

Schedule a Content Marketing Call.

You are invited to schedule a free 30-minute Content Marketing Call. During this time, our goal is to understand the current state of your business, learn about any marketing goals you have for the future, and discover how you believe our team can help you achieve those goals. 

Real People. Real Results.

"The Blocks Agency looks at all the working parts of an organization, aligns and prioritizes them in a way that will be efficient and effective."
Dallas Holm
Award Winning Musician
"We have built a deeper connection with our customers, gaining trust through sharing our story and staying in contact with each one. I’ve always known what I wanted to say and now we have a game plan that builds relationships online."
Wes Hawkins
Owner, Highline Car Care
"I feel like I can actually ENJOY social media engagement again. I can interact with my tribe in an honest, authentic way. So, THANK YOU."
Erica Wiggenhorn
Author & National Speaker


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