The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan of Action

Creating A Marketing Plan of Action, Article Featured Image

When you think of marketing for your company, do you picture a list of tasks that need to get done or do you imagine a large-scale marketing plan of action? It is essential to understand the difference between the two because marketing tasks will leave you spinning your wheels, working tirelessly without seeing many trackable […]

How to Build an In-House Marketing Team

How to Build An In-House Marketing Team, The Blocks Agency, Social Sharing Image

How to build a marketing team, sort the team roles, assign work with efficiency, manage productivity, and set up your employees for success! Also, discover the individual departments within your marketing team and how to manage the overall strategy and vision.

Life Skills for Entrepreneurs

The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast, Top Five Life Skills Learned In Entrepreneurship

In this episode, Dave and Charissa talk about the life lessons learned from not only running a marketing department, but building a business from the ground up. These life skills come from defeat and discouragement and produce resistance and resilience. 

Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Mental Health

This is your chance to get ahead of the conversation, ahead of the need, and discover a few ways you can prepare your mental health for the moments of trial that are bound to come. In this episode we talk all about the struggle of mental health using the struggle and stories from our hosts, Dave and Charissa. 

Effective Social Media for Business

The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast, Effective Social Media for Business, Episode 11

In this episode we look at timeless truths for building a brand on social media, how the value is different than it was in 2011, and answer the question, “Does my business still need to be on social media?”

Blog Posts that Bring Leads

The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast, Blog Posts that Bring Leads, Episode 10

If your blog posts aren’t bringing you leads we have a problem. Unless you’re publishing content for an expressed purpose other than generating leads, your posts should generate new email addresses for you every month. If that’s not your reality, it’s time to make a change. 

Transition from the “Call Me Maybe” blog posting strategy of 2012 and step into the blog post of the future — the comprehensive and all-encompassing 6,000 to 9,000 word article. In this episode of The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast we bring the modern day article front and center, sharing exactly how to turn your latest articles into leads.

Creating Great Paid Social Ads

Everyone around you is succeeding with their social media ads. Their ads are perfectly constructed, perfectly targeted, and converting at record rates. You’ve give social ads your best shot and all you have to show for it is a credit card bill and a couple email addresses that appear to original from somewhere in Asia.  […]

First Page Search Rankings: SEO for Online Marketing

The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast, First Page Search Rankings, Episode 8

If you can get your website to rank top three on page one of search, you have a really good chance of capturing leads and converting those leads into sales. So the questions is, “how do I get my website to rank on page one?” What you’ve done hasn’t worked and you’re all out of […]

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