Top Five Life Skills I Learned in Entrepreneurship

From Chores to Startups: How Life Skills Help in Business When you’re a kid, you learn all sorts of skills that will help you in life. You know how to clean your room, do laundry, and make your bed. As you grow older, you learn even more skills that will help you in life. You […]

Marketing, Entrepreneurship, and Mental Health

How to Prioritize Mental Health as an Entrepreneur You’re an entrepreneur. You’re used to long hours, intense pressure, and tight deadlines. But what happens when your work takes a toll on your mental health? Mental health is just as important as physical health, yet is often ignored in the business world. As an entrepreneur, it’s […]

Effective Social Media for Businesses

How to Expand Your Business With Social Media Social media can be an extremely effective tool for expanding your business. Connecting with potential and current customers can create engagement and loyalty. By tracking your marketing campaigns and learning more about your customers, you can fine-tune your marketing strategy for even better results.  We will cover […]

Blog Posts that Bring Leads

You want online marketing to help your business take off. You want to see profits from what you create, and you’re willing to put in the work to have the world notice. So how does blogging fit into your vision and cyclical marketing plan? If it doesn’t, it should. It’s overwhelming to think about starting […]

Great Paid Social Ads

Everyone around you is succeeding with their social media ads. Their ads are perfectly constructed, perfectly targeted, and converting at record rates. You’ve give social ads your best shot and all you have to show for it is a credit card bill and a couple email addresses that appear to original from somewhere in Asia.  […]

First Page Search Rankings

If you can get your website to rank top three on page one of search, you have a really good chance of capturing leads and converting those leads into sales. So the questions is, “how do I get my website to rank on page one?” What you’ve done hasn’t worked and you’re all out of […]

Copy that Converts

How would it feel to publish a sales page that you knew would lead to sales? Pretty great, right? The dream of sales coming in while you are sleeping can be your reality if you can sell through the written word which, unfortunately, isn’t one of your strong suits. You’re fine face to face and […]

Email Marketing Success

The best news you could ever get about email marketing is that when it doesn’t work it’s your fault. If your natural reaction to being told “you did email marketing wrong” is to turn around and point the finger at all the other reasons why your email marketing didn’t work, this episode is for you! […]

Nurture the Sale Newsletter

The Donut Shop, Nurture the Sale Newsletter

You have a great lead magnet! People are signing up for your email newsletter left and right. You go to make the offer and… crickets… But that doesn’t make sense. You’ve built an email list of The Perfect Audience (see episode 3) and you know they need what you have to offer… they have even […]

Creating An Irresistible Offer

To get people to buy what you’re selling you need to tell them how it will make tomorrow better than today! But that’s still not enough. You must convince them to take action NOW and that you’d be dumb for waiting a second longer. But how do you do that? How do you compel someone, […]