Learn the step-by-step method you need to ace your business marketing. All for free.

You went into business to do what you do best — and that’s not marketingYou’ve been trying to figure out things like SEO, landing pages, and your branding… and it feels awkward and hard. 

Marketing your business doesn’t have to suck. 

Confident to Convert: A Crash Course In Online Marketing

This five-day completely free event will be hosted on Facebook, with a 1-hour video class every day.

You will learn the exact step-by-step methods we use to make our clients’ businesses scale online with ease. We’ll dive deep on branding and logos, sales pages, product offerings, blog and social strategy, and more. It’s like having a marketing team in your back pocket, helping you do things that actually get results and put more money in your pocket.

Bottom line?
We make marketing your business easy, because we literally tell you exactly what to do.

You don’t need to guess at your marketing. You don’t need to try to do it all yourself. You don’t even need to write blog posts every week. 

You just need proven frameworks that get consistent results.
(Like the ones we use with our paid clients to scale their businesses and profits.)

You want that too — and we can help.

Join us March 28th – April 1st, 2022!


We are so excited to get started! Here's exactly what we are covering:

March 28th

Day 1 - Branding, Logos & Visual Marketing Assets

Learn how to add economic value with clear messaging backed up with compelling imagery.  You’ll start establishing your authority, so that you can charge more and command respect.

March 29th

Day 2 - Developing Your Product

You’ll identify your proven product to promote and sell online. We’ll show you how to craft all the supporting content and paint a clear picture for leads. This shows them how good life will be on the other side of working with you!

March 30th

Day 3 - Nurture the Sale Newsletter

Implement our step-by-step process to persuade your new leads and prepare them for the next opportunity to purchase. Help people become purchase ready when you make an offer.

March 31st

Day 4 - Lead Gen & Lead Magnets

You’ll harness our process to skillfully create thoughtful content, helping your ideal customer experience a quick win in an area that matters to them. You will also learn about the dilemma new marketers face: paying for attention, or waiting for attention!

April 1st

Day 5 - Create Your Offer

Together, we’ll create a promotional campaign that compels your audience to purchase what you offer. You will also have a system set up to inspire the right people to buy, and motivates them in an ethical way if they’re hesitating.