Creating An Irresistible Offer

Start selling high value experiences instead of ‘the thing’.

Part 1

Your Offer Matters

The offer you make to potential customers… it matters! Not just any offer will sell. Discover exactly what “THE OFFER” actually is and how you leverage it to your advantage.

Part 2

The Blocks Agency

Just a little bit about us — The Blocks Agency and our CEO, Dave Shrein — and what we do for our clients, e-commerce and online sales focused companies.

Part 3

Converting leads to Customers

E-commerce success starts with solving the problem of how to turn leads into customers. Not just any offer will work… but when you do get it right, it works wonders!

Part 4

Don't discount, add new value

The easiest type of ‘promotion’ is a discount to your products or services. But that isn’t always the most effective. Equip your marketing with three types of promotions you can run!

Part 5

Creating Your Offer

Creating a compelling offer is simple… but that doesn’t mean it’s easy! It does take thought and intentionality and this lesson will help you navigate the process.

Part 6

Example offers

Discover inspiration for your offer by exploring offers we’ve created at The Blocks Agency for our clients. These offers worked for our clients and they’ll work for you, too!

Part 7

Your Plan to Profit

A great offer is essential to convert leads into customers. But how do you communicate the offer? How do you market the offer? How do you push the issue?