Teach your staff to run your marketing.


Sell more of your products without using discounts

You’ve got a great product, customers love it, and you’re not sure why you’re not selling more.

This lesson teaches your staff how to package your product as a special offer that is irresistible and sells more TODAY… not months later.

Will this really work for my business?

The answer is it depends. If you have a proven product sold online, then yes, it will work.

Here is what your team will learn

An Important Message Regarding The Irresistible Offer Model

Take a look at the chart… can you tell when this company installed the irresistible offer formula? The answer is August. Within 60 days of using the information shared in this class their monthly recurring revenue jumped.

If this were the only company to see an increase in a key metric you could write it off as a fluke. But it’s not. Simply put, offers work when you make them irresistible. I’ll show your entire team how to employ your own offers without discounting your products or services.

Actual online business chart highlighting gross revenue.

Give your staff the tools they need to generate more sales for your company.

Turn your staff into a marketing department that delivers results.

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