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Your email list is growing! That’s great. When you make an offer… crickets. What gives? You’ve built an email list of the perfect audience and you have what they need… and in this episode you’ll learn exactly how to nurture them using emails so when you make the offer, they’re ready to buy!

The Donut Shop Podcast with
Dave Shrein & Charissa Saindon

Season 1, Episode 5

Full Show Notes

You have a great lead magnet! People are signing up for your email newsletter left and right. You go to make the offer and… crickets… But that doesn’t make sense. You’ve built an email list of The Perfect Audience (see episode 3) and you know they need what you have to offer… they have even told you as much. It’s time to start nurturing that future sale. But more than that, it’s time to start building a relationship with each story represented on your list because you’re not looking for a sale — you’re looking for impact. What you need is a newsletter that nurtures that relationship and leads to a transformational decision — a sale. What you need is a Nurture the Sale Newsletter to help you connect with your subscribers, helping them see what life will be like when they finally step out and make the decision to work with you.

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