Intro to Getting First Page Rankings In Search

You’ve spent years writing 400-600 word blog posts, religiously publishing new content every week… all in hopes of ranking on the first page of Google.

It’s not working, is it?

Learn what we have done to replace content no one sees with articles that rank for hundreds of keywords, drive thousands of visits, and generate leads from the visitors finding our content on page 1.

The best news… you can make it happen for your business, too!

Video 1

Ranking #1

In this SEO workshop you will learn how to rank at the top in all the different search engines using SEO strategies in your articles.

Video 2

What You'll Learn

Today, we will be talking about keywords, SEO rules, finding relevant business terms for your business and how to measure your results.

Video 3

Keywords & Impressions

Learn about impressions and the importance of keywords and how to use them to direct more people to your website.

Video 4

Popular Strategies

The most popular SEO strategy, pick a keyword, post an article, repeat, was popular because that’s what search engines wanted. Search engines have evolved and you have to evolve, too.

Video 5

Updated SEO Strategy

In this video, we are going to share with you an SEO strategy that works now.

Video 6

Keyword Discovery

Take what you already know as your foundation for discovering relevant keywords relevant to your industry and start your SEO research.

Video 7

Writing Articles

Using an example article, we will share the steps you need to take to write an article that ranks.

Video 8

Publishing Articles

Now that your article is written, it’s time to publish it. Don’t just copy and paste, there are a few more steps that are necessary to make your article rank.

Video 9

Measuring Success

You’ve written and posted your article, now it’s time to find out how it’s doing using the correct tools.

Video 10

Final Thoughts

Don’t feel overwhelmed by all that we’ve talked about. Start by taking the first step.

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