Written by Dave Shrein

Talking On Camera Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Are you recording videos for your business? Is it difficult for you to talk to the little red dot on the camera instead of a real person?

If you are making videos, you’re probably trying to do them all in one take, right? And it feels like the pressure is on to say things exactly right as soon as the camera is rolling.

It’s very common to get into the trap of thinking that you need to have it all memorized perfectly and get it perfect the first time.

Focus on Who, Not What

When it comes to recording a video for your business, don’t get overly concerned about WHAT you’re saying. Rather, try to concentrate on WHO you’re talking to.

This one tweak can change the entire feel and focus of your business video shoots.

Consider this: If you were trying to sell something to someone in person and you fumbled over your words a bit, you’d recover with no problem because of the energy that exists between people when we interact.

There’s an easier, natural chemistry when we’re discussing something face to face with people.

But when you’re recording a video, there’s no one on the other side of the table. When this is the case, try to think about who you’re talking to rather than the words that you’re using. Just talking to their situation makes it a lot easier to record a video.

So think about your ideal customer or a specific client you’re working with. Put yourself in their shoes. What is it about what you’re selling that would draw them in? What’s the solution you’re holding that they want to get their hands on?

When we focus solely on what we are selling and getting our words just right, it distracts us from relaxing and being natural.

It’s easy for a short video to turn into a long, drawn out project when we’re not thinking about the right things.

The people you’re shooting the video for really need to hear what you have to say. It’s much smoother to communicate and finish up your video when you intentionally get your mind into a place where you’re thinking about who the video is for.

Dave’s Tip

Our company owner, Dave Shrein, made a short video on this very subject. He was trying to communicate correctly but actually messed up over and over. It wasn’t working. The pressure he had on himself was too high. He was trying to do it exactly right, which ended up distracting him from the feel and words he actually wanted to get across.

It was around take 20 when he realized his mind needed to shift from stressing about using all the right words to thinking about the person on the other side of the screen that would be watching the video.

Once his focus changed and he intentionally wrapped his mind around who he was speaking to, he had 2 takes that contained great content he could work with.

His tip is to pretend the person you’re speaking to on your video is actually in the room while you record.

That’s a really simple way to get out of your own head and into a more natural mode of communicating.

We hope this little tip to tweak your mindset helps you record videos for your business!

Take a deep breath, focus on your client, and happy filming!

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