The Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Marketing Plan of Action

Creating A Marketing Plan of Action, Article Featured Image

When you think of marketing for your company, do you picture a list of tasks that need to get done or do you imagine a large-scale marketing plan of action? It is essential to understand the difference between the two because marketing tasks will leave you spinning your wheels, working tirelessly without seeing many trackable […]

Discovering and Selling A Proven Product

The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast, Selling A Proven Product, Episode 3

Need an extra $2,000? You need a proven product! When you have a proven product that can be sold online you have a virtual printing press! In this episode we talk about what a proven product is, why it matters, and how to design yours!

The Perfect Audience for Your Online Business

How do you achieve the perfect audience? You have the superpower to attract it for your business. They are crazy about what you do, how you do it, and want to work with you! Sounds great, doesn’t it? So how do you unlock this superpower, do impactful work that matters, and make a lot of […]

How to Create Campaigns that Convert

The Donut Shop Online Marketing Podcast, Campaigns That Convert, Episode 1

If you sell a proven product online, you’re passionate about your product, and you’re knowledgeable about it, The Donut Shop is created for you. We are taking you behind the scenes of our agency and the online marketing world. Interested in getting the details of how an online marketing agency creates marketing campaigns that convert? […]

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