Email Subject Line Best Practices

You’ve been told that email is vital to your business, that it is vital for communicating with your customers, but for some reason your customers don’t get past your email subject lines to actually open the messages you send. Your open rate is below 20%, yet over 80% of the customers on your list never […]

4 Essentials for Creating High Quality Video Interviews

Are you using Skype, Zoom, FaceTime or another video platform for hosting video interviews? Are you ready to take your video game up a level without breaking the bank? Do you want to learn how to create high quality video interviews that are crisp and clear? The easiest part of creating high quality video interviews […]

Ultimate Guide to Business Branding and Logo Design

If you’re starting a new business or reshaping an old business, you know you need a company name and logo. Chances are you have already considered a name, drafted several taglines, explored a collection of logos you like, picked out a few company colors and written out a mission statement. My question for you is: have you considered the larger business branding and logo design opportunity ahead?

Logo File Types, What You Need to Know, and What They Mean

All you know is you need an image file of your logo to place on a document your sending out, or to include in your next customer email, or even to upload as a profile picture for social media. But there is a lot more you need to know about what we at Shrein Media […]

How to Create A Content Marketing Proposal

Whether you’re creating a proposal for a marketing campaign, a product launch, an internal process or structure, or event promotion, you are facing the same dilemma: you need buy-in to move forward on your solution. A proposal is what’s going to get you that buy-in.  A proposal outlines the solution you’ve developed in response to […]

Choose the Best Social Networks for Business

Have you neglected social media for your business? Are you concerned it won’t be worth it? Have you wanted a simple way to choose the best social media platforms to use for your business? You’ve probably created several social media accounts and after some initial setup and a few sporadic postings you are unconvinced what […]

A Guide for How to Respond to Reviews, Both Good and Bad

It’s amazing how fast a customer can go from working with you to leaving a highly visible review about their experience with your company. Five-star reviews are exciting and one-star reviews are frustrating. Actually, frustrating isn’t even the right term – for small business owners a one-star review can be downright depressing. You know the […]

How to Increase Organic Reach On Facebook

Facebook suddenly became a puzzle you couldn’t solve the moment you decided to use it to promote your business. You are serious about your business, building a strong online presence, and you’re not naive to think that you can just post something on Facebook and expect everyone to see it. So you’ve listen to podcasts, […]

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